Cell Broadcast Platform

Merka’s Cell Broadcast  is  mobile alert system to simultaneous delivery of text messages in real time, to millions of mobile users within a specified geographical area.

Our solution allows to deliver information about emergency situations or localized news, such as earthquakes and other alarm messages, ensuring messages can be broadcast even in emergency situations when networks are heavily congested.

Highlighted features:


Compliance to 3GPP TS 23.041, 3GPP TS 23.038, TS 29.168, TS 22.268

•Supports BSC, RNC, MME network entities

•Cell Broadcast Entity Web Front End

•Text and Binary Message support

•Long text and paging management

•Multi-language support (TS 23.038 and ISO 639)

•Multiple communication parameter control (Message ID, SN, Cell IDs, Coding scheme)

•Automatic service activation via USSD/SMS+OTA

•Over a map definition of virtual areas

•Broadcast campaign to target areas

•Channel broadcast calendar with repetition schedule and rate management

•User content broadcast and subscriptions

•Subscription packages or self-provisioning charging opportunities

High level architecture & integration